Welcome National CASA Affiliates

National CASA offers free access to the Everyone Ready training materials for all National CASA employees and affiliate members.  


Please email us at ersupport@energizeinc.com with your name, e-mail address and your CASA affiliation.  We will provide you with the registration code and link.  


You are now able to log into Everyone Ready directly from this website.   Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the home page of this website. If you are already logged in, you will not see a login screen and you can immediately access materials and don't need to do anything else.
  2. If you are not automatically logged in, you will see a login screen and need to take the steps below. 
  3. If you accessed the program from this website in the past, you should be able to log into Everyone Ready by using the same username or e-mail address and password you used in the past.  If your username or password is not recognized, go to step #5.
  4. If you accessed the program from the National CASA website, your username/email address will be registered with this website.  However, your password will not be recognized.
  5. To update your password, just click on this "Request new password" link or select the "Request new password" tab on the login page and set up a new password.
  6. If your e-mail address is not recognized when you request a new password, you will need to register as a new member with Everyone Ready.  Contact ersupport@energizeinc.com to ask for access. Please give the name of your organization, name and e-mail address.
  7. Once your login information is set up, you can always access Everyone Ready training materials directly from this website! 


If you need additional information, contact us at ersupport@energizeinc.com.